Etiss Confexim

We are ECO



Our customers are able to send all new patterns to our plotters electronically.  Once these patterns are received, they are automatically reproduced.  A sample of each garment is prepared, measured, refined and approved before moving into final production.

Fabric Inspection Machine

Once the fabric rolls have been delivered to our premises, they are placed in our Fabric Inspection Machine in order to verify the usability of the fabric and the percentage of damage. The benefits of this process are mainly:

- Customer protection from bad quality end-product material

- Reduced production problems thus ensuring timely production and delivery

Cutter Conveyor


Our two Cutting Conveyors (latest 2013 models) will then host the fabric  and quickly deliver the most accurate cutting, even with the most complicated styles and difficult fabrics, eliminating errors, delays and waste normally caused by human error (manual cut).

Production Machines

A massive amount of latest technology automated machines is at our disposal for the actual manufacturing of the garments, consisting of:

- flat sewing machines (direct drive Juki and Siruba)
- censor guided over-lock machines (4 – 5 thread)
- cover stitch machines
- button and buttonhole machines (direct drive)
- felling machines
- “French –Seam” chain stitch machines
- Stitovap pressing tables and boilers.

Needle Detector Machine

In order to protect our end-users, all finished garments pass through our Needle Detector Machine that will accurately spot any metal items which may remain in the garments.

Packing Machines

Finally, the finished garments are packed automatically by our fully-automated packing machine.