Etiss Confexim

We are ECO



Located 50 minutes north of Bucharest and 30 minutes from the Henry Coanta (ex-Otopeni) International Airport, Ploiesti is our main factory (headquarters) with 550 full-time personnel and with production capacity of approximately 70,000 units per month.  Apart from the production units, Ploiesti also incorporates our central offices, finance department, showroom, quality control department and storage facilities.  The Ploesti plant is the next in line to become an ECO-status factory.


The Breaza factory is situed 30 minutes from Ploiesti and employs 110 full-time personnel, adding to our capacity volume by approximately 30,000 pieces.

Our warehouses offer a space deposit of more than 60,000 garments.



Located 15 minutes further north from Ploiesti, the Baicoi plant is our second largest with a production capacity of approximately 45,000 units and 140 full time personnel. Maintaining an ECO status since 2012, it contributes to our mission for a cleaner environment.